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Note takingFor educatorsFor students

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Law School Admissions Checklist and Results Tracker Template
Everything you need to do to apply to law school
How to Build a DIY Kids Sandbox [+ Pictures]
The joy of building a simple sandbox.
Assignment Tracker
A simple solution to track your assignments and work!
Public Neurodiversity Support Center
Don't worry, we're here to help!
LaTeX Math Reference
By far the most popular way to typeset formulas in books and on the web, LaTeX can also be used right here in Coda to bring beautiful mathematical expressions into your online docs.
Stratified Sampling Calculator
Amplify Accelerator Open Source Learning Lab
Welcome to a highly curated collection of the top articles, reports, benchmarking, podcasts, videos, and more in all things people.
The Place on Web To Find Reading Lists on Any Topic
Kindle Highlights Migrator
How to save your Kindle highlights to your notes in less than a minute
Flashcard App with Spaced Repetition
Enter flashcards, study them on desktop or mobile, and track your progress over time!
Wikipedia Pack Examples
Pull in article info automatically into your docs
Grade calculator
A grade calculator to see the grades you need to aim for on your next exam.
Learn something new with YouTube
Use this template to keep your subject matter videos, notes and questions in a single place and track your progress
Attendance Tracker
Track attendance data for activities, classes, and more at daily, weekly, or custom intervals
Assignment Tracker
This doc contains everything you need to keep track of your homework and assignments!
Book Riot 2022 Read Harder Challenge
Use this doc to run a book bingo challenge with friends and family
School Notebook
Take class notes and track homework assignments, all in one doc.
Post-Secondary Curriculum Builder
Everything you need to plan and design the implementation of your next curriculum.
Classroom Tech Tutorials
Classroom technology tutorials designed for teachers, students, and parents.
Air Mining 101
An introduction to mining 1 trillion tons of CO2 from the air
Lorem Ipsum Anything
Automatically turn any topic into lorem ipsum placeholder text.
Amplify Black Voices in HR
This is a crowdsourced collection of Black writers and speakers in the HR/Talent/Recruiting spaces. All members below have opted-in to being included and contacted for writing and speaking opportunities.
Read & Unread: A book tracker
The polite doc: Etiquette for the modern workplace
Make your doc a kinder, more convenient space for collaboration.
Expanding what’s possible for startups and students
We’re making it easier to get started with Coda and offering more ways to save.
Homework Tracker and Gradebook
Homework Tracker and Gradebook
Track homework and your grades all in one place! Supports classes that use a weighted grade system.
Twitter Pack Explorer
Learn how to use the Twitter Pack to explore tweets, users, and more!
Clearer Decision-Making with PCA
Learn how to generate the best chart of your multidimensional data
Track Attendance
Keep track of everyone who attends a class, meeting, or event.
A beginners guide to finding dinosaur fossils