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Docs in Finance

Dreamline Calculator by Tim Ferriss
This step-by-step calculator helps you define your dreams and achieve your ideal lifestyle.
Track and analyze your expenses
View and add expenses, review your spending habits and customize categories.
Flexible Invoice System
This is a template to illustrate how a Coda doc can become a light-weight invoicing system.
Finance Starter Kit
A starter kit for finance and operations professionals to streamline your processes in Coda
Financial Statements
Create basic financial statements, including a balance sheet and income statement.
How Canva trained 800 employees to fuel a $6 Billion growth spurt
An inside look at how a small team designed and scaled learning standards for a $6 billion company.
Split Costs with Friends
Easily split costs from rent or travel with friends, family, or roommates
Stock Market Investment Club
Keep track of your investments and ideas together 🚀
Subscription Tracker
An easy but powerful personal finance tracker for all your subscriptions and recurring payments. Manage different schedules (monthly, every 6 months, yearly), shared subscriptions with friends or family and view all past subscriptions in a history.
Madrona Venture Group's Investment Decision System
Madrona Venture Group's process for evaluating new investment opportunities.
Venture Capital Portfolio Tracker
Easily keep your team up to date of investments by fund, partner, and company.
Tracking Suppliers & Purchase Orders
This Coda doc allows you to tracks purchase orders to your suppliers.
Home Remodeling Shopping List
This home remodeling shopping list template helps you manage items you need to purchase, helps you save costs, and build the home of your dreams. Item lists are taken from Lowe's for Pros and structure taken from LifeStorage.
Shopify + Coda Starter Kit
Sync data between Shopify and Coda with the click of a button. Add products, edit prices, process orders, all from your Coda doc.
Simple Invoices/Expenses
Simplify your business
How Squared Away saves a thousand hours and $100k
A story about how a military spouse scaled an entire business using Coda.
Time & Money v2
Time & Money: A prototype financial modeling platform with big advantages over spreadsheet-based modeling
Utility bill tracker
Track and analyze all your utility bills in one place.
About Financial Essentials
Financial Essentials is the Pack that adds key financial formulas for loans and investments to your Coda docs
Inventory Planning
This doc helps you make more accurate inventory purchase decisions.
The Ultimate Tax Prep Organization Hub
How to organize your tax documents and slash your tax bill.
[Template] Time series scenario modeling
How to use Coda to create dynamic time series models with simple scenario evaluation
Mortgage Planner
Plan your home mortgage to save thousands in interest and reduce your pay-off time by years
Strategic Investor Worksheet
One place to manage and keep track of angel or strategic investors for your new company.
Compound interest calculator
Simple template to simulate a compound interest graph.
Managing Production
Whether you're optimizing pizza production, manufacturing widgets, or building the first rocket to Mars, this doc helps you manage production. Build up finished products via the individual components, tracking shortages, margins, and reorder points as you
Personal Sales Tracker
Track your deals as fluidly as our prospects engage with us
Electric Car vs Gas Car Price Comparison
Shared Expense Tracker (for Housemates!)
Track and split expenses across a group of people
120+ COVID Discounts
The best discounts in software, education, fitness, entertainment, and more.