Product ops workshop

Partner with Coda to transform your product operating system

Streamlining your product development lifecycle.

From planning to execution, PDE to GTM, and OKRs to issues.
Planning & OKRs
Execution & delivery
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Release & launches
Our previous planning attempts never brought eng, product, design and marketing all together in one place. Our operating system has made us operate more as a team. (Drew at Qualtrics)
John Scrugham
Head of Solutions Dev & GTM at Coda

Let's tackle some of the biggest challenges of your team

Accelerate ship velocity & quality

by streamlining your end-to-end product design & development process.

Increase stakeholder alignment

through tighter feedback loops and visibility by deepening cross functional collaboration and engagement, thus better product-market-fit and value to users.

Consolidate your product tech stack:


Let's transform our product operations!

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CostStarting at $5,000 for a three hour, virtual workshop

Who's involvedProductOps, TPMs, PMs who are ops leaning, and a sponsor