How Foraged cut their time to market by 2 months with Coda.

Jack Hamrick, Co-founder and CEO at Foraged, shares his experience with Coda.

Jack Hamrick

Co-founder and CEO at Foraged

How Foraged cut their time to market by 2 months with Coda.

By Jack Hamrick

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About Foraged
  • Specialty food delivery service
  • Sustainability-focused
  • Based in Washington, DC
How Foraged uses Coda
  • Coordinating with partners
  • Project management
  • Collecting feedback
  • Task tracking
If we hadn’t had everything in Coda for product and tech, we would have lost weeks of time just consolidating that information to start our new initiatives.
Jack Hamrick
Co-founder and CEO at Foraged

The results

The problem

When Foraged first started out, their processes were scattered across tools and tabs; they had Miro boards of ideas, Google Docs with customer feedback, task trackers in Asana, and more.

With siloed and separate data storage, information was often left out, forgotten, and stale. Google Docs proved to be too static, and linking among different tools in Google Suite was difficult. Asana worked well enough for project management, but it left a lot to be desired when other teams needed access to files, to make approvals, or to communicate information more readily.
We needed to develop our execution path and find product-market fit at the same time, which meant we had to find a way to centralize our workflows and documentation.
Jack Hamrick
Co-founder and CEO at Foraged

The solution

With so many SaaS tools already, the Foraged team wasn't sure that adding yet another would help. But Coda's ability to centralize information, integrate tools, and organize documentation made their workflows smoother and simpler.

Foraged started by building a single doc as a repository of ideas and documentation, and sharing that doc made it seamless to bring new hires and partners up to speed.
From there, Hamrick and the Foraged team leaned on Coda for even more of their collaborative efforts. When they hired their marketing agency, Hamrick created Coda templates to track calendars, project management, approvals, temperature checks, and more; being able to share Coda and integrate other tools made it simple and easy to bring everyone into the same workspace.

Foraged used Coda to create a centralized, dynamic documentation system that changed their business.

Having so many templates and Packs was a huge help. You can play with something, and then customize it, which makes adoption more successful both internally and with our partners.
Jack Hamrick
Co-founder and CEO at Foraged

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