How Meesho cut their meeting time by 25% with Coda.

When Meesho became a distributed company, tedious meetings skyrocketed. Learn how Meesho uses Coda to align remote teams and cut meeting time by 25%.

Aastha Shah

Sr. Manager, CEO's office, Meesho

How Meesho cut their meeting time by 25% with Coda.

By Aastha Shah

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About Meesho
  • E-commerce
  • Mid-market
  • Based in India

How Meesho uses Coda
  • Team wiki
  • OKR tracking
  • Writeups
  • Meeting notes
Within 2 weeks, we had fully moved away from presentations and were using Coda exclusively. We realized we made the right decision when people started creating docs proactively.
Aastha Shah
Sr. Manager, CEO's office, Meesho

The results

The problem

When Meesho first became a distributed company, the team spent hours creating and presenting Powerpoint slides. Because presenters hesitated to include external documents, the team had to wait to relay feedback and thoughts live over Zoom—without foresight. The alignment process was incredibly inefficient and increased tedious meetings. Meesho needed an easily-adoptable tool for their 5,000+ employees with built-in flexibility for importing data and was designed for asynchronous collaboration.
People spent hours generating charts and compiling content for presentations, and we spent more hours going over them.
Aastha Shah
Sr. Manager, CEO's office, Meesho

The solution

To decrease time to alignment, Meesho created Meeshopedia: a company hub that included their mission, vision, values, company info, best practices, and other key info for collaborating across the company and feeling a sense of belonging while remote. Each team has its page with relevant details, onboarding documents, and glossaries. The hub makes it easy for new hires to get up to speed async and discover at their own pace. The experience is smooth for them, saving the HR team loads of time fielding one-off questions. With everything in one place, Meesho has created a writeup culture, where the team sends pre-reads two days before meetings. Questions are added to the meeting notes page the day before the meeting, and everyone is asked to upvote what is most important.

Meeshopedia: Meesho's company hub

Our meetings are more effective now that we're dedicated to discussion and alignment instead of presentation. And decision making is much faster as a result.
Aastha Shah
Sr. Manager, CEO's office, Meesho

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