How Plato saved $200K a year with Coda.

Quang Hoang, CEO at Plato, shares his experience.

Quang Hoang

Founder and CEO at Plato

How Plato saved $200K a year with Coda.

By Quang Hoang

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About Plato
  • Professional mentoring platform
  • Based in San Francisco
  • Early-stage startup
How Plato uses Coda
  • Meeting notes
  • OKR tracking
  • Event planning
  • Contact management
Since we replaced much of our tool stack with Coda, we’ve been able to successfully grow our team to 65 people and raise a Series A round.
Quang Hoang
Founder & CEO at Plato

The results

The problem

Plato, a small but promising startup, had only three months of runway left and had just laid off half their team. They needed to scale without breaking the bank.

Before Coda, Plato was paying separately for Expensify (employee expense management), Lattice (quarterly planning), Asana (project tracking), and (meeting notes). They were burning through their funds with too many SaaS subscriptions—and still not operating productively and leanly.
We needed to develop our execution path and find product-market fit at the same time, which meant we had to find a way to centralize our workflows and documentation.
Quang Hoang
Founder & CEO at Plato

The solution

Plato built an execution path on Coda that the whole team adopted. And the cost savings were tremendous.

The engineering team standup went from daily 30-40 minute meetings to quick 10-minute check-ins thanks to async communication in Coda docs. Time to onboard new team members was sliced in half because they only had to learn Coda, not seven separate tools.
It became clear that Coda's scalable, flexible platform equipped the Plato team with the central writing space, documentation tools, databases, and integrations they lacked before. They were able to execute and achieve their goals—and save time, energy, and money along the way.

Coda helped Plato optimize their resources and money spent on tools.

The cost savings were immediate, and allowed us to make better use of our funds and, ultimately, continue operating.
Quang Hoang
Founder & CEO at Plato

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