How Searchlight saves 15-30 hours each week with Coda.

Searchlight Founder & CEO, Kerry Wang, shares her experience running a business in Coda.

Kerry Wang

Founder & CEO of Searchlight

How Searchlight saves 15-30 hours each week with Coda.

By Kerry Wang

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About Searchlight
  • AI-powered predictive talent solutions software
  • Based in San Francisco
How Searchlight uses Coda
  • Team meetings and 1:1s
  • Hiring
  • Product management
  • Strategy and planning
I know with Coda the performance is going to be there, it’s going to scale with us, and people enjoy using it. If they enjoy using it, it reinforces the culture I want us to have.
Kerry Wang
CEO of Searchlight

The results

The problem

Searchlight needed a knowledge hub for its lean team to work efficiently and transparently. They used Notion for a little over a year, but performance issues made it difficult to continue using it as a source of truth. Google Drive didn’t have a searchable UI, and there was no homepage directory or index for content. Wang sought a tool with fast and easy search capabilities, intuitive way-finding, and low-commitment onboarding to help her team run.
We had invested in a world-class team, but didn’t have a fast and easy way to preserve all the great thinking that went into our decision-making. All of this valuable, relevant information was siloed away.
Kerry Wang
CEO of Searchlight

The solution

On Coda, the Searchlight team was able to not only build a central information hub but also a system that reflected and uplifted their collaborative culture. The team transitioned nearly immediately to Coda; it only took a week for Searchlight to look to the hub as their source of truth. Coda led to more alignment around KPIs along with a better meeting culture and active collaboration. Everyone became a Coda user and collaborator, and soon a spread of people started becoming doc makers themselves.

Searchlight used Coda to create a documentation-focused culture.

We have a whole company now that looks at documentation as a strategy for better decision-making. So they’re actively preserving all the valuable information generated every day.
Kerry Wang
CEO of Searchlight

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