How TED created the ultimate company wiki in Coda.

Kate Fenton, Employee Experience Manager at TED, shares her experience building a company intranet with Coda.

Kate Fenton

Employee Experience Manager at TED

How TED created the ultimate company wiki in Coda.

By Kate Fenton

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About TED
  • Non-profit media organization
  • Founded in 1984
  • HQ in New York
How TED uses Coda
  • Organizing information
  • Goal alignment
  • HR & employee experience
  • Task management
We were able to implement Coda for a fraction of the cost of a one-size-fits-all solution. We blew past our adoption goals and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback around InsideTED.
Kate Fenton
Employee Experience Manager at TED

The results

The problem

TED needed a knowledge hub that anyone could update. With a fully-booked engineering team prioritizing product obligations, updates to the company wiki tended to lag. Eventually, their single source of truth felt more like an artifact than a resource. Usage tanked, questions skyrocketed, and it fell out of favor.

To revamp their wiki, the team sought easy way-finding, no-code maintenance, and a platform they could customize to match their "TED-style approach" to work. They evaluated more than ten solutions before landing on Coda, partly because traditional pricing tiers didn't make sense for their team structure.
We decided to seek out a tool that could handle all of TED’s employee practices and be easy enough for a non-developer to maintain.
Kate Fenton
Employee Experience Manager at TED

The solution

With Coda, TED can shape an information system to match the company structure—15 verticals within departments and a growing roster of programming—as well as its spirit.

Using Coda’s building blocks, Kate designed an information hub using Coda's building blocks that prioritized way-finding. InsideTED acts like a portal for employees, but for Kate, maintaining it feels like writing a doc—and it doesn't put additional work on engineers' plates. Topics are broken up into easily-indexed pages, which tuck into collapsible headers, filters, and a universal search bar, making everything easy to find. Making the entire doc feel like an extension of TED was as easy as customizing headers, colors, and graphics to reflect the brand.
Coda’s integrations with other team tools like Slack made InsideTED part of the process rather than a separate entity. Kate even synced the company calendar to InsideTed without writing a single line of code.

Coda helps create an intranet that feels uniquely TED.

Before Coda, it would take a month for the tech team to update the intranet, and by then, the update is almost irrelevant. Now I can do it instantly!
Kate Fenton
Employee Experience Manager at TED

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