How Tempo tripled productivity with Coda.

Ilyssa Russ, Learning and Development Manager at Tempo, shares her experience.

Ilyssa Russ

Learning and Development Manager at Tempo

How Tempo tripled productivity with Coda.

By Ilyssa Russ

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About Tempo
  • AI-powered home gym
  • Gives real-time feedback on form and movement
  • Based in San Francisco
How Tempo uses Coda
  • Onboarding manager
  • Project task tracker
  • Learning hub
  • Inclusive meetings template
Attempting to accomplish this in another tool like Confluence or Google Docs would be clunky and difficult. Not only is Coda saving us so much time, but we're making much more robust, beautiful, and collaborative documents.
Ilyssa Russ
Product Marketer at Tempo

The results

The problem

Tempo needed a self-guided employee onboarding experience that set new hires up for success. Before Coda, new hires would simply get their computer and some documentation from Confluence—with no certainty about how up-to-date that information even was. Access to tools was given out ad-hoc without a clear categorization of what each team would need to operate.
There wasn’t clear ownership, so as people left the company, the informational resources they had created became stale. We needed to put a process in place, and I turned to Coda to do it.
Ilyssa Russ
Learning and Development Manager at Tempo

The solution

Russ built a doc in Coda that brought all new engineering hire onboarding information into a single space. Using buttons and automations, the team is able to notify hiring managers when tasks are updated and completed—baking visibility right into the process. The simplicity of Coda's building blocks allowed the Tempo team to build an onboarding flow from scratch that worked for their unique needs. Because it's easy to filter, view, and duplicate content in Coda, the original engineering team onboarding doc became the template for every team at Tempo. It's been adapted and personalized to fit each team's workflows—but they only had to build it once. With smoother processes, more visibility, and a central source of truth, Coda helped Tempo free up time and triple productivity.

With Coda, Tempo created a scalable onboarding solution that was adopted company-wide.

Historically, if we needed to do something like this, we’d build an entire internal website. Now, Coda has become our company intranet. We’ve ritualized docs for running meetings, doing Kanban-style project tracking for our blog, and even housing our company values.
Ilyssa Russ
Learning and Development Manager at Tempo

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